Future Reunions

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2018 Reunion - Jacksonville FL
Where did everyone come from?
CV Lindley and Barry Rittle
Dale Maddy and Robert Campbell
Tom White and Marty Sterrett
Frank E. Evans Shield
Del Francis shows photos of the lost 74 from the Evans
Del Francis and Dale Maddy
Pauline Unruh and Jim Kruger
Del Francis tells his story of how he survived the Evans disaster
Del Francis Speaks
Del Francis answers questions about his experience.
Charles Patton, Dale Maddy and John Hand
Tom White and Jim Kruger
CV Lindley
Our bus
I told my friends that I was going to the fountain of youth and that I was coming home 30 years younger than when I left, but the bus only drove by the sign and didn't stop, so I came home five days older than when I left.
Dale Maddy and Bill Hollywood
Barbara and Bill Hollywood
Joe Melito and Dale Maddy
Dale Maddy and Denise Melito
Barry Rittle and Dale Maddy
Dale Maddy and John Starnes
Dale Maddy and Marty Sterrett
Slave quarter at Kingsley plantation
Dale Maddy and Paul Raines
John Saunders and Joe Melito
Marty Sterrett and Joe Melito
Riverside view
Navy helo
Jacksonville skyline
Jacksonville night skyline
Barry Rittle
Don Ziebarth and Dale Maddy
Nine ET's from OE division 1966-1970
The reuinon members
Kearsarge Sailors
The Banquet
Navy Color guard present the colors
POW MIA table
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Why are there so many photos with Dale Maddy in them? Because these man are heroes. They didn’t burn their draft cards and run to Canada. When called upon, they served their country.  They served with honor and Dale sees it as a privilege to be photographed with them. It is an honor to know them and to have served with them.
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